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Li Chun Nei (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Li Chun Nei, Jenny, has been the artist educator of “Through Our Eyes” photography education programme since 2008. She is one of the founders of Sangwoodgoon farm after the Anti-Express Rail movement in 2010 with the aspiration to achieve self-sufficient by practicing organic farming. She promotes the idea by taking it into act which brings […]

Bonnie Chiu (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor—Chong Hoi Kwo Bonnie Chiu is the founder of Lensational, a campaign which helps women empower themselves through photography. Bonnie believes in universal language- a medium that everyone is able to communicate, even if they are have low education level. Therefore, Bonnie decided to use photograph to share her belief to others. Gender inequality […]

Yu Cheuk Lam (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Editor—Yeung Cheuk Ying She is one of the full-time employees of the Concern For Grassroots Livelihood Alliance Limited. She is also the only one staff who is responsible for the program of cooperative purchase . She aims at helping the grassroots families to improve their livelihood. She thinks, through the program, citizens can change their […]


Kwok Wai Man

Kwok Wai Man (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor: Chan Ka Man/Chu Suet Ying Kwok Wai Man is a Coordinator of Food Recycle Land in Cheung Chau and organized by Cheung Chau Island Women’s Association. Food Recycle Land is the Project of food waste management. The reason of starting the project is they realized the serious problem of food waste in Hong […]


Lau Siu Lai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Lau Siu Lai is one of the founders of ‘Democracy Siu Lai’. She held lots of talks during the umbrella movement; meanwhile she is the lecturer in Hong Kong Community College in Sociology and Culture.   At the beginning of the umbrella movement, she hoped that she could support Hong Kong citizens through action […]

Li Chun-nei Jenny(China,Hong Kong, SAR)

  One of the Founding members of Sangwoodgoon Organic Farm in Hong Kong (Sangwoodgoon was founded in the Anti-XRL and Choi Yuen Village movement in 2010. Inspired by the movement, we realised that democracy of any place, depends on whether citizens have the freedom to choose and create their own ways of living.)