Cho Kai Kai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

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Kaikai Cho is a member of Fanling North and Rural Co-residents, also, the core member of Mapopo Community Farm. She continues working on civil education about farming and environment conservation, and fight for issues of urban farming and land problem, etc. She started to participate in social movements since the anti-Northeast development, and now continued to focus on environment protection and land issues.


Kaikai Cho as a women, which her appearance, has also become the focus of netizens discussion, she is also named as “goddess.” However, after the Umbrella Movement, she is soon under the attack of the “localist”, with reasons, like, she if a friend of another activists Willis Ho who were also been attacked.


In recent, the “land resumption incident,” Kaikai Cho also tried to stop the developers to do the resumption. However, activists were so difficult to gather people now, they are unable to mobilize the masses. Kaikai Cho is enthusiastic, it’s hard to result in a social movement. In this regard, Kaikai Cho said that the only way is to talk with different people and to explain what is happening.


Written by Wong Ji Yuet