Gong Wenhong (China)

Kung is Secretary of the Party branch in Yan Tou Zhong Village in Shandong Province, the first woman to have that position. When she took over, there were a lot of issues as the former secretary had done hardly anything for the peasants, and the village account had showed a hefty debt. Her first priority was to raise fund to build a road for the village, which she succeeded despite hindrances thrown in her way by the former secretary.

Another major issue in rural regions was uneven distribution of land among village households, as the land policy that had been in place for over 30 years did not allow for adjustments to reflect change in family compositions of the households. Since it was State policy, no one could do anything about it. It was regarded as a hornet’s nest, yet Kung had dared raise it as an issue at the second National Forum of Female Village Officials.

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