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Yang Yujiao (China)

Yang came from a relatively well-off rural family but was determined to be independent after high school. She married into an urban impoverished family and worked hard to earn a living with her husband. During pregnancy she took a relatively light job in a packaging factory making aluminum imprints. Yet, it had given her aluminum […]

Lin Nien Tzu (Taiwan)

Lin Nien-Tzu, Founder of “Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop” In Nepal, the social and economic status of women are always lower the men. It does not only mean that they cannot determinate their life, it also means that they are being suppressed. Menstruation is natural physiological phenomenon of every woman, however, in Nepal, it is considered […]

Lin Nien-Tzu

Kanwal Ahluwala (United Kingdom)

  Originally published on Girl Effect Kanwal Ahluwala is the Interim Senior Director,Impact for Girl Effect. Kanwal oversees Girl Effect’s Impact Team which brings together evidence, learning and insights from adolescent girls to ensure sustained change for girls. The Impact team ensures rigour in the data and evidence that underpins all of our work. Kanwal […]

Virginia Rustique-Petteni (United Kingdom)

  Originally published on Girl Effect Virginia Rustique-Petteni is the Senior Director of Relationships of Girl Effect. Virginia oversees Girl Effect’s global partnerships, communications, and advocacy. Joining the NIKE Foundation in 2013, she led its work on the Girl Declaration, an alliance of individuals and NGOs that successfully campaigned to embed girls in the 2015 […]

Lesley Pan (United Kingdom)

  Originally published on Girl Effect Lesley Pan is the Chief Operating Officer of Girl Effect (Interim). After years in management consultancy Lesley brings business capabilities in strategy, operations and organisational development to public organisations. She is a passionate advocate for the rights of young people to be safe, healthy, and able to exercise the power of their own […]

Farah Ramzan Golant (United Kingdom)

  Originally published on Girl Effect Farah Ramzan Golant is the Executive Chief Office of Girl Effect. Farah brings 27 years of business experience from the private sector and creative industries. She served as Chief Executive of All3Media between 2012 and 2014, and previous to this had a 22-year career at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, becoming […]

Maria Eitel (United Kingdom)

  Originally published on Girl Effect Maria Eitel, Chairman of Girl Effect and Co-Chair of the NIKE Foundation. Under Maria’s leadership as President & CEO, the NIKE Foundation – in partnership with the NoVo Foundation, United Nations Foundation and other partners, created the Girl Effect – a movement to tackle world poverty at its greatest […]