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Yang Yujiao (China)

Yang came from a relatively well-off rural family but was determined to be independent after high school. She married into an urban impoverished family and worked hard to earn a living with her husband. During pregnancy she took a relatively light job in a packaging factory making aluminum imprints. Yet, it had given her aluminum […]

 [05/05/2017] Uploaded New Articles.

Click the name and check out the new articles. Laila Chiasmi Garcia (Spain) Lui Lai Hung (China, Hong Kong SAR) Writing Palestine’s Comprehensive History A Tool of Resistance and Freedom PeaceWomen Across the Globe NEWS (March 2017) Story of Heena Shahnawaz Mother’s Choice: caring for Hong Kong’s pregnant teenagers and their babies since 1987

Story of Heena Shahnawaz

Patriarchal Pakhtun society has some of the gory and inhuman cultural practices that is used against women to control their behaviour, attitudes, choices and movement. One of such practice is killing of woman if she defies or challenge the man’s so called honour. Although, the practice of killing woman for defending honour is also practiced […]



PeaceWomen Across the Globe NEWS (March 2017)

Original article: Wenn dieser Newsletter nicht richtig angezeigt wird, klicken Sie bitte hier.   Dear Supporter PWAG is both, a dynamic network and committed organization! This means we always have some news to share with you. This time we like to give you an update on the personnel changes in our International Office and some information […]

[12/7/2016] Uploaded New story

[12/7/2016] Uploaded  Eliana Apaza、Dulcineia Pavan、Donna Haraway、Christine Menz、Chantana Wungaeo、Cecile Mukarubuga、Anuradha Chenoy、Anita Rampal、Aida Abu-Ras、Naruemon Thabchumpon、Beatriz Bissio、Teng Wei、Tani Barlow、Mayling Oey-Gardiner、Maria Eugenia Santana、Maria Dolores Alicias’s story.