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Yat Ching (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Yat Ching, Founder of Grebbish Yat Ching, who named herself “Eco-witch”, is fond of eco-system oriented matters. She keeps sharing and exchanging environmental-friendly messages and knowledge on her blog to encourage people to pay attention on environmental protection. She teaches the public to produce hand-made natural skin care and cleansing products such as lip balm […]

Yat Ching

Tasi Shih-Jen

Tasi Shih Jen (Taiwan)

Tasi Shih-Jen, Morocco ecological education facilitator Tasi Shih-Jen, a Taiwan girl who studied anthropology and ethnology in France and worked as an oriental dance teacher in Taiwan, went to Morocco for voluntary work at 2011. She has been fascinated by the unique environment and mysterious power of Sahara desert, so decided to stay at desert […]

Au Tsing Mei (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Au Tsing Mei, Founder of Shiny Forest How many people actually do not know what the ingredients of the cleansing and skin care products are? These years, more and more products claim that they were made by natural and harmless ingredients. As a consumer, we can only listen to salesperson about the introduction of products […]

Au Tsing Mei

Wangari Maathai (Kenya)

In 1940, Wangari Maathai was born in village of Ihithe, Nyeri District of Kenya. She was a Kenyan environmental and political activist. She was also the founder of “Green Belt Movement”, which is an environmental and non-governmental organization focusing on planting trees. In 2004, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because of her great […]

Wong Suk Wai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Wong Suk-wai, Zoey, is one of the core member of MaPoPo Community Farm. Currently she is responsible for daily administrative and financial work.   Zoey came into contact with villagers from MaShiPo when she was participating the anti-rail (Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HongKong Rail) movement. She was angry with the government for granting funds to the project and thought […]

Wong Shuk Wai Zoey

Au Wing Lam Amber

Au Wing Lam (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Au Wing-lam, Amber, is a DJ at Commercial Radio Hong Kong. Her nick name is GupGupZi, meaning impetuosity. Because of her slow pace in work and living, her nickname was made to remind her to do things in faster pace.   Amber enjoys photography and writing. Her slow pace living attitude makes a great contradiciton […]

Au Hei Man (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Becky Au-Hei Man is a 26-year-old girl who is responsible for Mapopo community farm. Becky and her whole family are farmers in Ma Shi Po village for decades. Becky spent most of the time in the village when she was a little girl, so she has deep feeling for this place. After her graduation, she […]

Au Hei Man Becky

Cho Kai Kai

Cho Kai Kai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Cho Kai Kai, one of the founders of Ma Po Po Community Farm, hopes to provide an alternative way of life to Hong Kong society. In 2007, Cho started her studies at Baptist University and majoring in geography. She was attracted by the natural environment and the way of self-sufficient life during her field trip […]

Jane Goodall (United Kingdom)

The 82-year-old Jane Goodall was born in 1934 in London. Goodall is a British biologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace. She has made significant contribution towards natural ecology, wildlife conservation and human health. In 1960, Jane went to Tanzania National Parks in East Africa. She discovered the growth distribution, life style and daily habits […]

Helen Caldicott (Australia)

Helen Caldicott is a physicist and anti-nuclear scholar in Australia. She learned that nuclear energy can lead to catastrophic consequences such as damage to the environment and human being in her childhood. Helen was in college majoring in medicine. When Helen was a university student, she informed the risk uranium mining to Australian workers’ union, […]