Join Us!

To meet our goal, we need a lot of volunteers. We would like to recruit different kinds of helpers, including regional coordinators, editors, partners, translator,moderators, or any other possible positions we might need in the future.

Here are the description of the role of regional coordinator, moderator, editor and partner:

Regional Coordinator for a particular language version or a geographical region: This role is like the International Coordinators of the 2005 project, to promote the project, to recruit editors and partners, to oversee and coordinate a language version or a region/country.

Moderator: This role is to technically oversee and operate one language/dialect version of the website.

Editor: This role is to coordinate the collection of stories by contacting partners, working with the Regional or national coordinator, keeping an eye on the quality of the stories that are collected by partners or submitted directly to the website, and removing dubious or controversial ones if necessary.

Partner: This role is to commit to collecting a certain number of stories, and the partner can be an individual or an organization


Partners/ Volunteers

If you are interested in being a partner who are responsible for collecting stories of Peacewomen from your region, please fill the form (download the from here)and return it to us through email or by mail.

Apart from being a partner, if you are also interested in being a volunteer and participating in our project, such as being a regional coordinator, an editor, or a translator, please fill the form( download the form here)and send it back to us at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest.