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JURMA TIKMASAN (Philippines)

Jurma Tikmasan was born in Tuburan, Basilan, Western Mindanao.  She took her elementary and high school education in Jolo, Sulu.  Without meaning to, she witnessed the burning of Jolo, Sulu in 1974 when the Moro National Liberation Front entered the town.  She and her mom evacuated to an island fronting Jolo known as Bangas.  Their […]



ELIZABETH U. YANG (Philippines)

Elizabeth’s passion for the issues of women started when she got involved with Social Development Index and later on with PILIPINA, a national organization of women committed to the work of integrating gender perspectives in the development process, with the thrust of increasing the number and quality of women’s participation in politics. When she assumed […]

RAISSA JAJURIE (Philippines)

Raissa Jajurie is a lawyer, a defender of Moro people’s rights and an advocate for those marginalized even within Moro society, including Moro women. Raissa is a Tausug, one of the ethno-linguistic groups that make up the Bangsamoro (or Moro) Nation, which has recently celebrated coming to peace with the Philippines Government after 14 years […]




Bai Rohaniza’s life is a story of two faiths and cultures – she has Maranao roots with a royal lineage through her father belonging to a family of peace mediators and peace movers while her Catholic mother who converted to Islam hails from Bulacan​ whose family are composed of renowned musicians, poets and artists​. She […]


Lao, an AB Psychology Magna Cum Laude graduate from Far Eastern University, pursued higher education in Clinical Counselling Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. She has also completed subjects on Islamic Studies and Muslim Personal Laws at the University of the Philippines Diliman and Mindanao State University respectively.   For two and a half […]




MARIA TERESA “MARITES” GUINGONA-AFRICA has been engaged in the endeavor of building relationships of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation among peoples of diverse cultures and beliefs since 1998. Her passion for the work was ignited by a vision of a world where religions bring to the fore the highest teachings and ideals of their faith […]

JO GENNA M. JOVER (Philippines)

Jude hails from a family of traditional leaders recognized by her tribe. Her father is a respected tribal elder and a community leader referred to as Timuay who has raised Jude and her siblings to be good and responsible citizens.   She initially thought of becoming a nurse but eventually graduated with a degree in […]


Jasmin Nario-Galace (Philippines)

Jasmin was born in the province and spent her earlier education in a provincial school. She fondly remembers those days as happy ones, because she and her classmates had good relationships despite many differences including in socio-economic status, abilities, and places of origin. For her high school and college education, she studied in Metro Manila, […]

Grace Jimeno Rebollos (Philippines)

The vast island of Mindanao, Philippines is a region of social contradictions and paradoxes that manifest themselves in frequent, long running violence. One of these outbreaks came in the form of the Abu Sayyaf terror, starting in 1992 and continuing till today, in the region of Zamboanga and Basilan.  As the military and police stumbled […]



Maria Ida “Deng” Giguiento (Philippines)

Listed below are some of the milestones in her work as peace trainer: Worked with Bishop Belo and Bishop Dom Nascimento and their Justice and Peace Commissions in pre-and post-immediate violent conflict in Timor Leste (1999-2004) Helped the Diocese of Dili establish their Timor Leste Peacebuilding Institute (2007 – 2010), working with the Justice and […]