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Kripa Sigdel (Nepal)

She always use to say ‘No matter how you fall, how you pick yourself back that counts the most’ and thisis one of the thing I am so impressed about and what makes me feel that this women i  know is going to do wonders in the world for good. She is vary caring, very […]


Saa:phu (Education For All) (Napal)

Story 1: “Jamuna: Started to learn letter at the age of 40”   Jamuna, she is an unmarried lady who spent her life serving her family and raring her younger brother. She did not get opportunity to enroll in school and go for formal education. After devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015; she came in […]

Laxmi Bakhadyo (Nepal)

  Laxmi Bakhadyo, was born in middle class family in 1989. She was grown up as normal girl child but her ambition and her schooling made her a social worker who devotes life for social justice and community empowerment. She had completed her graduate in 2014 from Kathmandu School of Law, a community college in […]



Swechhya Sangroula (Nepal)

  “Combatting the trafficking of persons, especially that of women and girls and its modern forms has always been an issue close to my heart “, says Swechhya Sangroula, a young lawyer from Nepal. Swechhya completed her undergraduate studies at Kathmandu School of Law, a community college in Nepal, and was the recipient of the 2015 President’s Academic Excellence […]