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In 2005, the initiative 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize nominated women working for peace at the local, national or international level collectively for the Nobel Prize. The women’s profiles show that they are active in an extremely wide range of fields: they campaign for political rights, the promotion of peace, health, education, the environment, children’s rights and non-violence, and they fight against organized crime and human trafficking. Here are the profiles of 1000 PeaceWomen.

Joan Hinton (China)

    ————————————– Update: Joan Hinton died on June 8 2010 at a hospital in Beijing. She was 88. ————————————– “As long as there is war, science will never be free. Are we scientists going to spend our lives in slavery for madmen who want to destroy the world?” Joan Hinton, who was […]



Yuzhen Yin (China)

————————————————– 10 years later: In late August, we visited Yin YuZhen’s Ecological Park in Mu Us Desert in Inner Mongolia and made a short video on her current life. Yin Yuzhen is a simple peasant woman, from Uxin Banner in the Mu-Us Desert in Inner Mongolia. Since 1985, she has planted, together with her husband, 300,000 trees, thus creating […]

Shahjahan Apa (India)

  —————————————- Update: Shahjahan apa, passed away on 28 September 2013 in an accident while on her way to the mahila panchayat (an innovative collective approach for community participation in dispute redressal). —————————————- “My daughter was killed by my in-laws. I could not get justice. Yet I had faith in Allah’s rehmat […]



Asma Jahangir (Pakistan)

  ——————————– Update: Asma Jahangir In May 2005, Jahangir helped to organise a symbolic mixed-gender marathon in Lahore to raise awareness about violence against sports women by religious extremists. Islamist groups armed with firearms, batons and Molotov cocktails violently opposed the event and Jahangir was publicly beaten, stripped and detained by the police. More recently, […]

Savitri MacCuish (Netherlands)

  ———————————————- Update Savitri MacCuish 24 February 2016-02-25   World Peace Flame has gone from strength to strength over the last ten years, under the leadership of Savitri MacCuish. Her particular success has been the enthusiasm with which the World Peace Flame educational packs have been taken up by schools all around the world. This […]


rebecca 042012

Rebecca Gomperts (Netherlands)

—————————– After 10 years: Rebecca Gomperts studied medicine and visual arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After her studies she became an abortion provider and sailed as a ships doctor and environmental activist on board the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior. While sailing in South America she met many women who greatly suffered due to lack of […]

Domitila Barrios de Chungara (Bolivia)

————————- Update: Bolivians have paid tribute to Domitila Barrios de Chungara, long-time social activist, union leader, feminist, revolutionary, and national heroine who died March 13 2012 in Cochabamba at the age of 74. ————————- I want to leave future generations the only valid inheritance: a free country and social justice.” ‘Let me speak’ […]



Shirin Banu (Bangladesh)

  ————————————–   After 10 years: During the last ten years, Shirin Banu continued relentlessly to work with women from the local communities, helping to organize people at local level. She is involved in many NGOs.   But, despite holding a leading position at PRIP Trust and being one of the former freedom fighters, Shirin […]