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The aim of the WikiPeaceWomen project is to expand the bodies of knowledge and skills of not only the Thousand PeaceWomen nominated in 2005 for the Nobel Peace Prize, but those of a Million PeaceWomen working in all fields of human security, conflict resolution, ecological security, environmental justice, health, education, legislation, and others. While their work will be made visible and recognized, their expertise will also be disseminated outside their current spheres of influence, so as to contribute to different levels ranging from the communities to the global. Included in the documentation of the stories will be a Recommendation Section which invites the PeaceWomen to articulate their recommendations for good practices. The goal is to reach one million stories by 2020. This will be a global campaign involving a million people to relate to the WikiPeaceWomen project. Here are the profiles of Million PeaceWomen.

Wang Xiaoping (China)

  In 2015, after ten years’ continuous effort, Wang and her team had succeeded in developing educational material on rural culture and bringing it into school curriculums in various rural minority regions, to help preserve rural culture heritage in those areas. Their vision is to build up among the pupils an understanding of, hence the […]

Lin Deqing (China)

  Professor Lin retired in 2000 and since then has made use of her knowledge and experience to serve the rural regions working among peasant grassroots. Her work has included field researches in dozens of rural counties as well as on-site training and consultation on agricultural techniques. Through her dedicated effort, she has helped driven […]

Inés Monica Weinberg (Argentina)

  Married to Dr. Eduardo Roca, mother of a lawyer’s son with a master’s degree in Criminology, Judge Weinberg’s experience has materialized in numerous interventions as an expositor in seminars and international meetings on gender perspective, reparations to victims of sexual violence, procedures Against war crimes, as well as about twenty books and several newspaper […]

Eriko Totsuka (Japan)

  In defense of Japan’s misunderstood young generation   They’re not the inactive introverts they’re made out to be Japanese youth are actually full of energy. The older generation just doesn’t know it. Ask someone for examples of young Japanese who are known internationally, they might name a few athletes — at best. Ask them […]

the International Women’s network Against Militarism

Stop Threats of War and Militarization: Women from Guam, US, and Asia-Pacific Region Call for Peace and Diplomacy We call on President Trump and Kim Jong-Un to ratchet down their reckless and dangerous rhetoric that threatens all of humanity. We urge you to sit down and talk, for all our families, our children, and the […]

Zhou Guixiang(China)

Zhou is a successful grower of mushrooms in Luozhen town in Jiangxi Province. In over 20 years she and her husband have dedicated all their efforts in cultivating different species of mushrooms. Her produce is well received by the market because of the good quality and is even accepted for distribution in supermarkets. The unique […]