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Asha Lata Baidya (Bangladesh)

  ——————————————————————- Update of biography 2015:   44 years of activism and no end in sight   Ten years later, in the year 2015, Ashalata Baidya, a small, delicate woman from the outside, has not lost any of her fervour in the struggle for the right cause. She is a very strong minded and energetic […]

Yu-Jin Jeong (Republic of Korea)

“It is only after the women are dead that they are elevated to heroic status and used by the men to mobilize mass protests.” Yu-Jin Jeong grew up during the politically oppressive 1960s to 1980s when South Korea was under US-backed military dictatorships. She was active in promoting democratic reform of South Korea’s higher education […]

Maria Chol Soon Rhie (Republic of Korea)

“See, think, act!” Maria Chol Soon Rhie has dedicated her life to social work ever since graduating from high school in the early 1970s. She spent the next 15 years as a grassroots organizer, educator, and advocate for women’s and human rights, eventually earning a university degree in social work. Since then she has led […]

Geum-Soon Yoon (Republic of Korea)

“Most women neither possess land nor have the right of joint possession. They are excluded from education and training, buying machinery, financial support. Only their husbands have these rights.” One of the founders of the Korea Women Farmers Association (KWFA), Geum-Soon Yoon has helped to place women and farmers in the forefront of her country’s […]

Hyun-Sook Lee (Republic of Korea)

“We have suffered for over half a century. That is too much. We firmly believe it is now time to live together with parents, sisters, brothers, all our families, in a reunited, peaceful Korea.” Hyun-Sook Lee is the cofounder and former Executive Director of Women Making Peace, an organization established in 1997 with the goal […]

Sook-Im Kim (Republic of Korea)

“Female-oriented peaceful movements, measures, and mind have guided me into a vision for resolving the conflict in the Korean peninsula as a mediator of peace.” Sook-Im Kim began empowering women to make a difference in Korea in the late 1970s, in what she calls the “dark ages for women’s movements”. In the face of military […]

Heisoo Shin (Republic of Korea)

“We have established that rape and sexual slavery during wartime are violations of women’s rights and should be punished. Because of our movement, hopefully such a thing will never happen again.” Heisoo Shin has been a leader in bringing the issues of sexual slavery and other women’s human rights abuses to the forefront of the […]

Seiko Bodios Ohashi (Philippines)

“I will live the rest of my life in Negros because the women, children and men in this island really make my life rich and valuable.” Seiko Bodios Ohashi (born 1960) is the liaison officer of the Japan Committee for Negros Campaign (JCNC) that facilitates people-to-people trading of agricultural products by farmers’ cooperatives in Negros […]

June Caridad Pagaduan Lopez (Philippines)

“My hope for women is more freedom, more courage to get out of the box, more openness to new ways of looking at themselves.” June Pagaduan-Lopez (born 1951) has worked for more than three decades in human rights protection, psychosocial intervention and peace advocacy. As a professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) and […]