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Xiaoliang Li (China)

Only by understanding why people do certain things, and with their genuine needs as the point of departure, can we change behavior and thinking, and effectively contain the spread of Aids.” Li Xiaoliang is Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine at Junming Medical College, and a specialist at the Yunnan Health and Development Research Center. From […]


Lihong Shi (China)

“All people have ideals. Daring or not daring to realize their ideals is the vital difference between idealists and idle dreamers. In this sense, I am an idealist daring to realize my own ideal.” Shi Lihong, an environmental activist, is responsible for the Global Environment Institute and is executive director of Wild China. She is […]


Guilian Li (China)

Seeing my farmer friends bidding poverty goodbye, and my scientific projects bringing them profits – nothing could be more exhilarating than this.” Li Guilian of Huayin City, Shanxi Province, graduated from the Department of Gardening, Agricultural University, Guizhou Province in 1964, specializing in fruit and vegetables. She is vice dean at Guizhou Provincial Agricultural Science […]


Shana Chang (China)

Life is a chain of difficulties. When one obstacle is overcome, another arises. However, I will never retreat. My youth will not return, so whatever the difficulties, I will struggle to the end.” Apart from being an educator, Chang Shana is also engaged in the research and protection of Dunhuang cave art. As a professional […]

Xiaoxia Zhu (China)

(My goal is) “…to share happiness and woe with the common people and take their business as my own business.” Zhu Xiaoxia has introduced scientific marital and family planning ideas into her work for women and children, and has tried to convince families that happiness does not only lie in having male children. She has […]



Jiuhua Wu (China)

Peace shall come only when everyone’s rights are protected.” Wu Jiuhua is chairperson of the Women’s Federation in Wangdu County, Hebei Province. She founded the “Help the Poor Children Fund” to help alleviate poverty among young girls. She has also established more than 30 training bases to train women to change their lives of poverty. […]