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Mirjana Bilopavlovic (Croatia)

“You can only change yourself and use your own example to try to influence those around you.” Mirjana Bilopavlovic began her peace work in 1994, during the war in Croatia. After the war, she worked in the Center for Social Work for refugees and coordinated the activities of the Women’s Club in war-torn Pakrac. The […]


Dragica Aleksa (Croatia)

“The past is memories, the future – hope. And only present moments give us the opportunity to do something for ourselves and others.” Before the war, Dragica Aleksa lived comfortably with her husband and two children on their farm in the village of Berak. The war in 1991 tore mothers and their children from their […]



Biserka Momcinovic (Croatia)

“Peace building is the first prerequisite for development, along with respect for human rights.” In the last 13 years, Biserka Momcinovic, mother and grandmother, former accountant and commercial officer, has worked for the promotion of human rights and has helped hundreds of people reunite with their families. A co-founder and leader of the Center for […]


Ana Raffai (Croatia)

“Every person is able to work for freedom. In each of us there is great potential – a resource for a better future. The beginning and fundamental question of change is: What can I do for freedom?” Ana Raffai, a Roman Catholic Croatian theologian, has been training and mentoring over 500 peace activists on nonviolence […]