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ra Vieira is the executive director of Brazilian Peace Women Association, a non governmental organization located in the city of São Paulo, focusing on the interconnection between violence against women and the amplified concept of peace (UN 1325 Resolution – based on justice and human security), aiming to interfere in the field of women’s rights. In the year of 2011, the Association started a two year project named “Redefining Peace – Women Lead the Way: Developing a popular education methodology to work with women and men against domestic violence”. From 2013 until now, she has been coordinating the same project focusing on trafficking in women and sexual violence.

She is a journalist with a PhD in Communication Sciences, at the University of São Paulo. The thesis was based on an action research on violence against women and the use of internet to amplify the Brazilian struggle to minimize it (Communication and Feminism: the possibilities of digital era).

In her academic and professional trajectory, she has published or organized books, among which stand out:

  • Popular Education – a plural practice. NOVA e Rede Mulher. Antonio Carlos de Oliveira, Regina Rocha and Vera Vieira. SP. 2000.
  • Women and Technologies – virtuality as a space for transformation of gender relations . Dafne Plou and Vera Vieira. Rede Mulher. SP. 2007
  • LOBBY – Guide to the participation of delegates in the process of negotiation and incidence in the 1st Brazilian Communication Conference. Jacira Melo. Nilza Iraci and Vera Vieira. Rede Mulher. SP. 2009
  • Women and Men working for Peace and Against Domestic Violence. Vera Vieira and Clara Charf. Associação Mulheres pela Paz. SP. 2012.
  • Women and Men working for Peace and against Trafficking in Women and Sexual Violence. Vera Vieira and Clara Charf. Associação Mulheres pela Paz. SP. 2014.
  • Women in the Brazilian News during Fifa World Cup 2014. Vera Vieira and Sandra Duarte de Souza. Rede Mulher de Educação. SP. 2015.

For the period of 2009 to 2011, she was designated to be the Brazilian coordinator of the project entitled Violence Against Women and the Strategic Use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies). This project was developed in 12 countries and was part of the Millennium Goals, having as general coordinator the NGO named APC / WNSP (Association for Progressive Communications / Women’s Networking Support Program).

Vera is divorced and is a survivor of domestic violence experienced in his first marriage, in the late 1970s. The struggle for a fair, diverse and pluralistic world has been her professional and academic flag. She has a 31 years old daughter named Luana and a 38 years old son named Rodrigo.