Malala (Pakistan)

Malala, a seventeen-year-old girl without fear. At this age, she can still face the guns and said boldly: “I want to speak for those children who cannot go to school!” From her, we can see that the world is still hopeful. “A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world.” This sentence was come from the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Pakistani girl – Malala.


She was standing on the stage of the Nobel award ceremony and said: “I want to tell the children all around the world they should stand up for their rights, they should’nt wait for someone else. This award is for all those children who are voiceless, whose voices need to be heard.”


“Thanks to my father for letting me to know I should have a lot of choice as well as the boys.” Malala thanked for his father’s encouragement during the award-winning speech. When she was twelve years old, she recorded her first-hand experience of life under the Taliban, including the prohibition of girls to school policies and terrorist activities in “the Pakistani schoolgirl diary” column in the British broadcasting Corporation (BBC). After that, Malala’s diary aroused the concern of many people, also accessed to the Pakistan’s first National Peace Prize. Her voice inspired the girls to return for school. Unfortunately, a day when she was on the way home from school, the terrorists shot and wounded her head. She was dying.

After the surgery and the loss of a portion of the skull, hearing, language ability, she did not lose the hope of fighting for female’s education rights. She said: “They shot me because they wanted to tell me that,” We want to kill you and to stop you campaigning, “but they did the biggest mistake: even if they injured me, death is still supporting me, I survived, because death is on my side.”


Malala’s courage and strength arouse people’s attention. The United Nations will also name her birthday November 10 as “Malala day “.


On the 2015 Nobel award ceremony, she won the admiration of the general public. She is now studying at the British Academy, continued to speak for the weak and actively promote equal access to education, Malala believes that education can bring hope to the children, and the children will be shining bright in the future.


Written by: Chan Tsz Ki/Chow Wai Yin/Leung Wing Yu