Lau Wai Hing (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Emily Lau Wai-hing (born 21 January 1952), was the first woman directly elected to the Legislative Council of Hong Kong in the 1991 LegCo elections.


Her family moved to Hong Kong in 1948 because of the Chinese Civil War. Lau had a poor childhood since her father lost all the money during the Chinese Civil War. Lau put lots of effort on study and went to University of Southern California to study journalism studies. She furthered her study at London School of Economics.


When Lau backed to Hong Kong, she worked for the South China Morning Post as a reporter. In 1981, she joined the Television Broadcasts. She became the chairperson of Hong Kong Journalists Association at 1989.


Lau joined the first LegCo elections of Hong Kong in 1991 and won the election finally. As a Legislative Councillor, she fight for the democracy human rights and equal opportunities in Hong Kong.


Written by Lee Hoi Wai