Wong Lai Fong (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Wong Lai Fong (Fong) work in a public housing in Cheung Sha Wan. She has been working as a security guard starting from 2009 when the factory that she worked in was closed. Security guard is a job relatively easier compare to cleaning or restaurant jobs, so this attract Fong to join in this field of work. In order to maintain the safety for a 400-flat housing, Fong needs to be aware all the time and keep an eye on every one who get into this building. 12 hour work is exhausting but Fong is a responsible person who try to even say greeting to every residents by calling their surname.


Fong had been working as a worker in factories before her marriage. After giving birth to her 2 children, she stayed at home and took care of them as a full time housewife.  After some year when her children were able to take care of themselves, she went to work again and she became a security guard.


Although the life as a security guard is not easy at all, she tries to enjoy it by building up relationship with residents and colleagues. She is familiar with every residents and the normal routine of them. Every children that passed the lobby will say hello to her and she will try to talk to them and their parents in only a short period of waiting time for the lift.


Fong is a kind and nice person who is willing to answer residents’ question or enquiry with patience. Fong also thought that female security guard is more capable to do the work that seat in the lobby all day long then male guard because they got more patience compare with male one.


Fong has considered to change job but she found difficult to found a suitable job as the age and time is not very fit. As long as she is able to work, she said that she would do so. The attractiveness of working is larger than stay at home and take care of grandchildren. She has presented a typical working thought and mindset of a female worker.


Written by Lam Sze Wan, Suen Ching