Jane Goodall (United Kingdom)

The 82-year-old Jane Goodall was born in 1934 in London. Goodall is a British biologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace. She has made significant contribution towards natural ecology, wildlife conservation and human health. In 1960, Jane went to Tanzania National Parks in East Africa. She discovered the growth distribution, life style and daily habits of hierarchy about chimpanzee. In addition, Jane Goodall really concerned for endangered animals. She founded the Jane Goodall Institute to support the conservation of animals and their habitats. Due to human excessive land reclamation, abusing natural resource such as deforestation and hunting rare animals; such acts destroy the animals’ natural habitats and ecology. She also realized that research alone will not be successful, so she also stressed on the importance of the local people; they can also spend effort to protect the environment.


Jane Goodall’s contribution can divide into different aspects. In terms of ecological conservation, Jane Goodall Institute supports the local government to set up protected areas in order to preserve the endangered animals. Besides, the institute also endeavors to lobby the government to strengthen law enforcement, particularly in fighting against smuggling and killing of protected animals. In addition, the organization also education local people about the importance of animal conservation, so that they can understand that illegal hunting and protected species trading are illegal behaviors. Institute will also utilize advanced technology to map out and observe animals in their natural habitat so as to ensure that these places are safe.


Regarding the promotion of sustainable development and the livelihoods of women, Jane’s institute supports sustainable coffee production and agricultural communities through micro-credit projects. Moreover, experts will educate local people planting techniques to improve productivity and increase revenue, improve the economic status of the local people and reduce their casually reclaimed land, destruction of the ecological balance behavior. In addition, Jane emphasize greatly on the livelihoods of women, she encourages local women to increase family income through sustainable agriculture projects. These activities have helped to reduce habitat loss and promote overall well-being of society.


Education is an indispensable part. Jane Goodall Institute set up Roots & Shoots in 1991. The idea of ​​the establishment of this educational program is to inspire young people of different ages regarding biological, environmental conservation. Through different activities and action such as tree planting, rescuing stray animals to educate young people.


Written by Angela Tam