Dai Gul (China, Hong Kong SAR)

The real local work


We have too many issues in Hong Kong, or I should say there are problems in every part of Hong Kong, chain stores monopolized the market, to develop the countryside so as to attract mainlanders to live in Hong Kong while lower class people in Hong Kong are still living in a cage. No doubt, there have been lots of people are working to change this anomalous and undemocratic society, but some livelihood issue maybe ignore. The character in this story is called ‘Dai Gul’, she is a member of Mapopo Community Farm and anti-North East New Territories New Development.


I guess most of us are not familiar with North East New Territories and the development there, thereby, it takes really hard work and time to make this issue being concerned. As people who are still living in these villages are old or less-educated which may not be able to read the development documents, Dai Gul spent several weeks to go to each resident’s house to explain the whole idea of the development and compensation problem, then convene a resident meeting to discuss counter-measurements. Apart from organization residents to rebel, she also hold guided tours to convey the message of co-existence of rural and urban areas, also the ideology behind this developmentalism. Furthermore, she also explained the importance of Mapopo Community Farm and North East New Territories in developing local agriculture. If you think her work load is already too much, she still have to deal with different political parties about the actions after the Finance Committee conference together with handling unexpected issues and journalists’ enquiries.


If someday, different parties can put down their struggles (Like Dai Gul) and work together to construct a better Hong Kong, the political situation will be much better.


Written by Yip Wing Sze