Winnie Byanyima (Uganda)

Famine Leader in Uganda – Winnie Byanyima


Whenever people talk about Africa, you may think of poverty, undeveloped, corruption, war, undemocratic. Although Uganda (of course is still under Yoweri Museveni’s ruling) has the above problems, its gender equality is out-standing among other African countries, and it is because of Winnie Byanyima.


Winnie was born under Idi Amin’s ruling who severely dealt with dissidents. As Winnie’s father was the chairman of Democratic Party in Uganda, and as he always critics about the human right problem in Uganda, he was arrested several times and out into jail. While Winnie’s mother was a teacher who taught in village school and always argued with men as they forced their young daughters to get marry. After graduated from aeronautical engineering at Manchester University, she returned back to Uganda and worked in the airline company.


However, after a short peaceful period, Uganda fall into civil war (to fight the ruling power) again, Winnie quitted her job and joint the National Resistance Army. Within the resistance period, Winnie witnessed and experienced the poverty, gender inequality problem in Uganda which made her understood what the lower class people really needed. After being a Uganda Ambassador in Europe for years, Winnie returned back to her country and joint the parliament election to deal with gender inequality problem. During her tenure, she successfully fought for girls’ opportunities to go to school and employ. Furthermore, she successfully legislated that there must be over 30% of women parliamentarians in parliament to ensure the women rights. All the things that Winnie did lead Uganda becomes the relatively gender equality country in Africa.


Written by Yip Wing Sze