Madeleine Hamsétou Ouédraogno (Burkina Faso)


Coordinator at Koom Association

Coordinator of an NGO which operates in rural areas with women and girls: number 5000 business areas literacy / education, agriculture, livestock, environment protection, health, rights and citizenship, culture of peace, communication for behavior change all that relates to the development of the vulnerable population in rural areas.

Association aims the following main objectives:

• Encourage and develop solidarity, mutual aid and unity among its members without distinction

• Reduce short term and long term eradicate illiteracy among women and girls

• Promoting the health of populations, those of women and children in particular

• Promoting the fight against desertification through the restoration of water and soil

• Contribute to the fight against the spread of STI / AIDS

• Contribute to the development of women and the girl to their economic self-sufficiency through the implementation of income generating activities

• Strengthening the role of women in economic and social development

• Strengthen the intellectual capital of women and girls to increase their capacity of organization and decision making

• Promoting human rights and citizenship

• Promote the culture of our country