Andrea Grobocopatel (Argentina)



She is originally from Carlos Casares, a city in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. His father, Adolfo began with a small family farm business, which would then continue his four children.

Andrea is the mother of 4 children, and her husband is the Mayor of Carlos Casares. In 1985 he received a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires.

He is currently Vice President of Los Grobo S.A, this small family business, which afterwards with the hard work of all its members was growing, expanding internationally and positioning itself as one of the most important companies in Argentina today.

Motivated by her personal and work experience, Andrea became an active precursor and promoter of the development of women in business, with the main objective of encouraging entrepreneurship, and in this way, to place women in positions of leadership in All the orders, being able to obtain the economic autonomy and that that independence allows them not to be subjected to violence of sort or discrimination.

In this way the Leadership and Responsible Organizations Foundation was created, whose purpose is to empower those people with good ideas, who want to generate sustainable businesses and who believe that it is possible to build a better society. But above all, the Foundation’s goal is to position women in the workplace and bring the supply and demand of people with disabilities to the labor market.

In addition to chairing the foundation, Andrea is a mentor and member of the Advisory Council of Vital Voices, also related to the empowerment of women; And in turn, is in charge of the Management of Business Management Programs for SMEs, at the Universidad Católica Argentina.

She was Director of Family Business Programs at the 21st Century University; Also formed part of the Argentine Chamber of Guarantee Societies and Funds.

In 2015 she participated as a panelist in the first Women’s Hemispheric Network conference in Brazil, and also in the “Korea Business Summit – LAC” organized by the IDB.

She received the “Women in Agribusiness” award as an innovator of the year for having demonstrated innovation in the development or implementation of gender diversity programs and / or made a positive change in her company or industry in relation to the advancement of women.

Motivated by her experiences, she decided to write a book: Passion for Doing. History of life, family and company, published by Editorial Granica in March 2014. A book that testifies to all of Andrea’s learning in her different roles: mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, manager, shareholder and director; In addition to posing all future challenges through FLOR.

Through the company she directs and everything she undertakes, Andrea organizes talks and trainings that bring her, mainly to the women, new knowledge and tools that motivate them to undertake responsibly and sustainably, thinking about future generations.

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