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Wong Sui Chun (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Wong Sui Chun (Chun) is a security guard working in an old private housing located in Cheung Sha Wan. She have already work in here for 6 to 7 years since 2007. When she came from mainland China in previous year, she found difficult to found job in Hong Kong as her English level […]

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Pang Pik Fa (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Pang Pik Fa (Fa) is a traditional security guard working in an estate located in Tsing Yi. She had already worked here for 11 years as a daytime position starting from 2003. She became a security guard due to the closing down of the electronic components’ factory that she worked in. Security guard is […]

Chan Tak Lai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Chan Tak-lai, graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a female senior fire station officer. She applied for the first recruitment of firewomen in 1994. After passing out, she became one of the first firewomen in Hong Kong.   Lai has been active and sporty since she was a child. To her, firewomen […]

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Lee Tsz Yan (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Lee Tsz-yan is one of the three ambulancewomen in Hong Kong. Witnessing the rescue work in the accident of building collapse on Ma Tau Wai Road, she determined to become an ambulancewoman to save the people’s lives.   After training, Yan participates in rescue work at once. The duties of ambulancemen and ambulancewomen are […]

Ng Yuen Yan (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Ng Yuen-yan, a senior ambulance officer, has been an ambulancewoman for more than ten years. Under the influence of her father, who was a fireman, she found saving people was very meaningful, hence applied for this job.   Ambulancemen always have to have to face a lot of accidents and wounded people. It was […]

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Lee Wei Tzu (Taiwan)

LEE Weitzu is one of my friends from Taiwan and we got to know each other through the voluntary works in South Korea. LEE Weitzu worked there as an English tutor. Apart from the voluntary experiences I mentioned here. LEE Weitzu has participated many other voluntary programs in Taiwan already. When we were talking about […]



Kwong Siu Chi (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“Self-centered”, “fail to take care of themselves” etc. are common labels of the post-90s. Kwong Siu Chi, Emily, a post-90s student from Lingnan Univeristy, was an exception. She has been actively taking parts in various volunteer works to spread peace since she was in secondary school. “Volunteers works aren’t for fulfilling personally desires, e.g. certificates […]


Chan Shun Hing (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Chan Shun Hing was born in Hong Kong in November 1954, and graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, the Hong Kong Polytechnic. In 1981-1982, she studied M.A. in Development Studies in the Institution of Social Studies in the Netherlands, then pursued her master degree and doctoral degree of Chinese Language […]