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AN Dongqi (China)

Editor CAI Liang Ann is one of my best friends at Lingnan University. She always looks for volunteer opportunities and so she has many volunteer experiences. Here, I am going to share one of her experiences of volunteering in the USA last summer. There are mainly two reasons causing Ann to participate in the voluntary […]

Lee Oi yee (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Siuyu (Lee Oi yee), the principle of TC Gaia School   Siuyu has been the principle of TC Gaia School since 2014. The school is located in San Hui, Tuen Mun, close to Tuen Mun Town Plaza. She teaches Art and Chinese, loves reading, cooking and hiking. She graduated from Social Work Department and is […]


Dora Cheng Shuk Ching (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Editor—Lau Pui Lam Dora Cheng Shuk Ching is a social worker and also one of the founders of Ground Works, a social enterprise under St. James’ Settlement in Wan Chai selling organic food and green household items. It works with farmers in Hong Kong and China in direct procurement to provide fresh organic vegetables and […]

Channing Lee (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor— Law Ling Channing Lee is the founder of Message In A Dish. She has a background in Applied Art and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Cultural Studies. She worked in the media industry and used to communicate with readers in written words and images. Now she chooses to express and […]


Kwok Wai Man

Kwok Wai Man (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor: Chan Ka Man/Chu Suet Ying Kwok Wai Man is a Coordinator of Food Recycle Land in Cheung Chau and organized by Cheung Chau Island Women’s Association. Food Recycle Land is the Project of food waste management. The reason of starting the project is they realized the serious problem of food waste in Hong […]

Madeleine Hamsétou Ouédraogno (Burkina Faso)

Coordinator at Koom Association Coordinator of an NGO which operates in rural areas with women and girls: number 5000 business areas literacy / education, agriculture, livestock, environment protection, health, rights and citizenship, culture of peace, communication for behavior change all that relates to the development of the vulnerable population in rural areas. Association aims the […]



Rehana Riyawala (India)

  Ms Rehana Riyawala is Secretary of SEWA since January, 2012. Ms Rehana Riyawala joined SEWA in 2001 as a finance co-ordinator, her growing efforts with the Organization made her Co-ordinator of SEWA’s in-house management consulting unit wherein she provided technical support to various projects; evaluatory studies, strategic plans, proposals, report etc. Gradually, Rehana Riyawala […]

Julie Richardson (United Kingdom)

  Julie Ricahardson is Head of Economics at Schumacher College and is Co-Director of the AMA in Economics for Transition. She is also leading the department of the Schumacher Worldwide Programme to develop international collaboration and on-line learning opportunities. Julie was one of the founding Trustees of the international Transition Network which supports participative process […]



Francine Mestrum( Belgium)

    Francine Mestrum is a researcher and activist working on social development, poverty and inequalities, globalisation and European policies. She worked at the universities of Brussels (ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium) and at the institutions of the European Union. She has published several books on her research topics in […]