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Zhou Guixiang(China)

Zhou is a successful grower of mushrooms in Luozhen town in Jiangxi Province. In over 20 years she and her husband have dedicated all their efforts in cultivating different species of mushrooms. Her produce is well received by the market because of the good quality and is even accepted for distribution in supermarkets. The unique […]

Wang Shurong(China)

Wang was from Xianghe County of Hebei Province. Throughout her life she has been fearless in fighting for her rights, first against abuses from her mother-in-law, then the right as a citizen to be nominated for election to the People’s Congress. She felt that the end result was not important but fighting for the right […]

Shi Yan (China)

Shi Yan was a Doctorate student in Renmin University and in 2008 had spent half a year on a farm in Minnesota practicing farming work and experiencing the American farming model. Upon returning to China she brought the model to Beijing’s “Little Donkey Farm”, advocating “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA). That was the first in China. […]

Hu Rongjuan(China)

Hu came from a Beijing military family and had never lived in rural areas. Yet she had loved nature and agriculture from childhood and had taken up Plant Protection in university, a rare choice as compared to architecture, medicine and so on. She had experienced the difficult conditions in rural regions during the practice sessions […]

Pu Reixia(China)

Pu is a teacher in Beijing’s Peasant Girl School, also editor of the school journal as well as librarian. It is hard to believe she only had formal education up to Grade 3. She was born in a village in Ningxia where famine was the norm. At 12, she had to stop going to school […]

Gao Honghong (China)

Gao was born in a remote mountain village in Gangsu province and had an impoverished childhood. In 1987, after graduation from high school, she went to Xian to work in a wholesale market for clothing, and learned the business. After two years she went back home to start a small clothing shop and became quite […]