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Ho Kit Wang (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Willis Ho is now 24, she is studying in Lingnan University. She is currently the Convener of the Land Justice League, and once the president of Lingnan University student council, and the former Deputy Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, you could see that during her university period, she nearly spent all of […]


Kwong Siu Chi (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“Self-centered”, “fail to take care of themselves” etc. are common labels of the post-90s. Kwong Siu Chi, Emily, a post-90s student from Lingnan Univeristy, was an exception. She has been actively taking parts in various volunteer works to spread peace since she was in secondary school. “Volunteers works aren’t for fulfilling personally desires, e.g. certificates […]

Ho Wai Man (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Education is one of the foundations of society. Through education, everyone can understand the importance of peace and equality. Ho Wai Man is a young “educators” who spare no effort to teach the generation. She is a third-year psychology student at Lingnan University, minoring in sociology. From high school to now, she has made different […]



An Dong Qi (China)

Ann is one of my best friends in Lingnan University. She always looks for volunteer opportunities and she has many voluntary experiences. Here, I am going to share one of her voluntary experiences in the USA last summer. There are mainly two reasons pushes Ann to participate the voluntary camp in America last year. The […]