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Dai Gul (China, Hong Kong SAR)

The real local work   We have too many issues in Hong Kong, or I should say there are problems in every part of Hong Kong, chain stores monopolized the market, to develop the countryside so as to attract mainlanders to live in Hong Kong while lower class people in Hong Kong are still living […]

Jeane Kirkpatrick (United States of America)

“Democratic elections are not merely symbolic. …… They are competitive, periodic, inclusive, definitive elections in which the chief decision-makers in a government are selected by citizens who enjoy broad freedom to criticize government, to publish their criticism, and to present alternatives.”[1]   The above is the definition of democratic elections from Jeane Kirkpatrick, who is […]

Hsieh Hsueh Hung (Taiwan)

Hsieh Hsueh-hung (謝雪紅) can be regarded as the first female revolutionary in Taiwan and the pioneer of social revolution and the fight for democracy in Taiwan.   Hsieh Hsueh-hung was in Changhua on October 17, 1901. Her family was very poor and she was finally a child bride in a Hung family. However, she escaped […]

Wong Pik Wan (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Christian and democracy   Hong Kong as a developed city in Asia, you may think the gender problem is not exist. Women in Hong Kong are free to choose their jobs, have chance to study, some of them even as the government officers. However, there were a long period of time that women are marginalized […]

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Gloria Alvarez (Guatemala)

  Originally published on Young Voices Gloria Alvarez is a political scientist and international liaison who specializes in international development and economics. She currently works as a project manager at the Movimiento Civico Nacional in Guatemala City. Gloria studied International Relations and Political Science as an undergraduate at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and earned a […]

R. Agnes Vimala (India)

  Vimala is 53 years old, leads the Tamil Nadu Women’s Forum (TNWF) which is a state level forum addressing women’s issues since 1991. Vimala has studied up to class XII, joined  Society for Rural Education and Development (SRED) as a field worker in 1985.  She attended training programs on gender sensitization, women’s rights, social […]



Shanthi.G (India)

  Building a mass movement for women’s rights Shanthi is 47 years old  and lives  at Perumuchi village ,Vellore district, Tamilnadu. She has studied up to 10th standard. Shanthi who was keenly observing the caste atrocities and gender based violence around wanted to work against them.  In 1985 she joined as a health worker in […]