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“Our struggle is hard and full of sorrow. But there are instances that give so much power and hope. These moments let us stand up again after having fallen down.” Pervin Buldan’s political life began when her husband was murdered on 3 June 1994. This killing alerted her to the dirty war waged in Turkey. […]


Ojha Sanahanbi (India)

  Veteran Athlete, Social worker and Social activist Ojha Sanahanbi – A cancer survivor Originally published on Manipur Times Source: FindingTheVoices.com Photo by Manipur Times Age and health is not a barrier if one has the love and determination for something. An 80 year old woman participating in Marathon might sound unreal.  But Samurailatpam Sanahanbi Devi, a […]


In the 1960’s, many years before the women’s movement and even the work of social change and transformation had gained recognition or respectability, Remmy Ignacio was already at the forefront of such work. She had already established a career in accounting, working for the country’s top accountancy and management firm, when, in her search for […]


ELIZABETH U. YANG (Philippines)

Elizabeth’s passion for the issues of women started when she got involved with Social Development Index and later on with PILIPINA, a national organization of women committed to the work of integrating gender perspectives in the development process, with the thrust of increasing the number and quality of women’s participation in politics. When she assumed […]

RAISSA JAJURIE (Philippines)

Raissa Jajurie is a lawyer, a defender of Moro people’s rights and an advocate for those marginalized even within Moro society, including Moro women. Raissa is a Tausug, one of the ethno-linguistic groups that make up the Bangsamoro (or Moro) Nation, which has recently celebrated coming to peace with the Philippines Government after 14 years […]




Lao, an AB Psychology Magna Cum Laude graduate from Far Eastern University, pursued higher education in Clinical Counselling Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. She has also completed subjects on Islamic Studies and Muslim Personal Laws at the University of the Philippines Diliman and Mindanao State University respectively.   For two and a half […]

ANICETA C. BALTAR (Philippines)

Ms.Aniceta C. Baltar was born in a poor family in Langiden, Abra, Philippines.  Her mother who graduated in college as a teacher was a catechist (Catholic religion teacher) and her father worked for some years as Chief of Police,was involved in a case but was acquitted, and when he was asked to go back to […]


Maria Chol Soon Rhie (Republic of Korea)

“See, think, act!” Maria Chol Soon Rhie has dedicated her life to social work ever since graduating from high school in the early 1970s. She spent the next 15 years as a grassroots organizer, educator, and advocate for women’s and human rights, eventually earning a university degree in social work. Since then she has led […]

Maria Szyszkowska (Poland)

“It is imperative there should be kindness towards truths other than ours.” Maria Szyszkowska, is a senator, professor, philosopher, lecturer, and writer. She lives according to Kant’s philosophy that law should guarantee freedom for everyone. She has proposed the first bill in Poland on registered partnerships for homosexual couples and a bill on euthanasia. In […]