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Maria Eugenia Santana(Mexico)

                Maria Eugenia Santana majored in Social Anthropology and did her Masters degree in Natural Resources and Rural Development, and her PhD in Social Sciences with a thesis about complementary money in the context of “Economy of Solidarity” in Mexico and Argentina (in September of 2008). Dr. Santana […]

Li Chun-nei Jenny(China,Hong Kong, SAR)

  One of the Founding members of Sangwoodgoon Organic Farm in Hong Kong (Sangwoodgoon was founded in the Anti-XRL and Choi Yuen Village movement in 2010. Inspired by the movement, we realised that democracy of any place, depends on whether citizens have the freedom to choose and create their own ways of living.)

Lo Lam Wai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Searching for the Invisible Wonder: Rain Lo   Most people stayed in the mainstream “visible” world throughout their busy lives. They find it safe and rigid, but also dull and stressful. Alongside the change of the era, gradually, people discovered there is an “invisible world”, being shrouded by the shadow of the social label and […]

Leung Wing Yan (China, Hong Kong SAR)

A Reborn Woman: Joanne Leung   With the admirable efforts made by those who have been fighting for the rights of the sexual minority, our society has gradually opened more spaces for discussion about the acceptance of sexual diversity. Before that, however, there are people who concealed their “difference” from the others for their whole […]

Brenda Myers Powell (United States of America)

From the Darkest to the Brightest: Brenda Myers-Powell   In Native American culture, there is a handmade craft called Dreamcatcher. The parents hang it around the beds of their children, as a symbol which helps to bring good dreams and obstruct bad dreams for the young kids. On the street of United States, a woman […]

Yip Po Lam (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Bobo Yip, is the member of the Anti-high-speed rail, High-speed rail stop funding Alliance, member of Choi Yuen Tsuen Concern Group. Also, she is one of the protester in defending the Queen’s Pier, and, an officer of Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese. Now, she is working on the interests of […]



Kwong Siu Chi (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“Self-centered”, “fail to take care of themselves” etc. are common labels of the post-90s. Kwong Siu Chi, Emily, a post-90s student from Lingnan Univeristy, was an exception. She has been actively taking parts in various volunteer works to spread peace since she was in secondary school. “Volunteers works aren’t for fulfilling personally desires, e.g. certificates […]

Debby Linares Sandova (Guatemala)

Guatemalan Human Rights Advocate: Fighting for Her Rights as a Transgender Woman Protects the Rights of All Women Originally published on National Democratic Institute Photo by National Democratic Institute For Debby Linares Sandoval, the challenges faced by transgender women in Guatemala are personal. Watching her peers struggle to gain access to basic healthcare services, and experiencing discrimination […]



Grace .M (India)

  Dalit Rights are Human Rights Grace is 48 years old, a graduate, from Perumuchi village, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu.  Grace was interested to do social work since her school days.  She was a leader in her class, took leadership in various activities of school life.  She was taking tuitions for poor children and non-formal […]