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Zhou Guixiang(China)

Zhou is a successful grower of mushrooms in Luozhen town in Jiangxi Province. In over 20 years she and her husband have dedicated all their efforts in cultivating different species of mushrooms. Her produce is well received by the market because of the good quality and is even accepted for distribution in supermarkets. The unique […]

Gao Honghong (China)

Gao was born in a remote mountain village in Gangsu province and had an impoverished childhood. In 1987, after graduation from high school, she went to Xian to work in a wholesale market for clothing, and learned the business. After two years she went back home to start a small clothing shop and became quite […]

Yang Yujiao (China)

Yang came from a relatively well-off rural family but was determined to be independent after high school. She married into an urban impoverished family and worked hard to earn a living with her husband. During pregnancy she took a relatively light job in a packaging factory making aluminum imprints. Yet, it had given her aluminum […]

Lin Nien-Tzu

Lin Nien Tzu (Taiwan)

Lin Nien-Tzu, Founder of “Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop” In Nepal, the social and economic status of women are always lower the men. It does not only mean that they cannot determinate their life, it also means that they are being suppressed. Menstruation is natural physiological phenomenon of every woman, however, in Nepal, it is considered […]

Cho Kai Kai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Kaikai Cho is a member of Fanling North and Rural Co-residents, also, the core member of Mapopo Community Farm. She continues working on civil education about farming and environment conservation, and fight for issues of urban farming and land problem, etc. She started to participate in social movements since the anti-Northeast development, and now continued […]


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Gloria Alvarez (Guatemala)

  Originally published on Young Voices Gloria Alvarez is a political scientist and international liaison who specializes in international development and economics. She currently works as a project manager at the Movimiento Civico Nacional in Guatemala City. Gloria studied International Relations and Political Science as an undergraduate at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and earned a […]

Vera Kichanova (Russian Federation)

  Originally published on Young Voices Vera was born on May 24, 1991 in Moscow. She graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Moscow State University in 2013. Her degree work was dedicated to real-time journalism and interaction between traditional media and citizen journalists. She worked for “Novaya Gazeta” and was elected a member […]