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Laila Chiasmi Garcia (Spain)

Awards and Recognition 1. Moroccan event Creative People Invited conference organized by the Moroccan Association for training and work the theme of entrepreneurship The conference in Morocco October 18, 2015 at the Cultural Complex Sidi Belyout Casa Blanca 2. Decoration of Honor from The International Organization of Peace and Friendship with immigrants Fez Morocco in […]


Julie Richardson (United Kingdom)

  Julie Ricahardson is Head of Economics at Schumacher College and is Co-Director of the AMA in Economics for Transition. She is also leading the department of the Schumacher Worldwide Programme to develop international collaboration and on-line learning opportunities. Julie was one of the founding Trustees of the international Transition Network which supports participative process […]



Francine Mestrum( Belgium)

    Francine Mestrum is a researcher and activist working on social development, poverty and inequalities, globalisation and European policies. She worked at the universities of Brussels (ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium) and at the institutions of the European Union. She has published several books on her research topics in […]

Emma Watson (United Kingdom)

    Emma Watson has been involved in a number of famous film including Harry Potter. She is also a well-known model and get a BA in English literature from Brown University. Even if she gained a lot of success in many ways, she did not complacent, but to use her influence to promote the […]

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2015 May Sawdat Troicher

Sawdat Troicher Tagirova (Switzerland)

        Sawdat Troicher Tagirova was born in Kazakhstan. Her family originally was from Chechnya in the northern Caucasus but it was the family’s displacement, a result of Soviet deportation politics, that instilled the values of solidarity and compassion into the young girl. Another central influence, she recalls, was the importance her father attached to charity and support […]

Cristina Vasiloiu (Romania)

    Cristina Vasiloiu is a leading authority on Romania and Central & Eastern Europe, advising companies on building successful strategies for these and other emerging markets and also acting as mentor for top managers on Leadership and Professional Development. Her reputation has been developed from over two decades advising the region’s largest corporations both as a writer […]


Jane Goodall (United Kingdom)

The 82-year-old Jane Goodall was born in 1934 in London. Goodall is a British biologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace. She has made significant contribution towards natural ecology, wildlife conservation and human health. In 1960, Jane went to Tanzania National Parks in East Africa. She discovered the growth distribution, life style and daily habits […]

ClaraZetkin (Germany)

Clara Zetkin (5 July 1857 – 20 June 1933) was a German woman advocate for women’s rights. In 1911, she organized the first International Women’s Day (IWD). It originally called International Working Women’s Day. IWD celebrated on March 8 every year. Zetkin has joined different parties such as Social Democratic Party of Germany, Independent Social […]

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Tanya Burr (United Kingdom)

Tanya Burr, a famous Youtuber in England, had actively participated in those events which were ralated to the gender equality issue. She is an ambassador for Global Goals, and she is willing to take part in various events in order to raise the people awareness on the gender issue. She thinks not every women has […]