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Ye Fuyi(China)

  Ye was one of the founders of Xiangyang Environment Protection Association. Their mission is the protection of Han River and the development of a green Xiangyang City. She is a full time volunteer, regarding the Association as home. Their work involves going to villages to investigate the pollution situations, liaising with relevant departments and […]

Shi Xuhua (China)

  Shi was an engineer in environment protection for An Neng Electric Company in Xiangyang City. She now heads the Research Section of Xiangyang Environment Protection Association (alias Green River Han), as a full time environmental protection volunteer. Her mission is the protection of Han River.  

Ying Zi (China)

  Yin had harbored the vision and mission of returning to the countryside and as such had worked hard studying the three-dimensional agro issues. Her belief was that in rebuilding the ruinous countryside, the first priority was to enlighten the peasants and garner their talents, while the second was to raise funds and supplies for […]

Li Yunfeng (China)

  Li has been successful breaking out of the traditional agricultural approach and introducing the Korean Natural Agriculture model, using two years’ experimental research to develop it into a cyclical system between livestock breeding and cultivation. She then introduced the natural agriculture technique to more than three hundred households in various regions including the Northeastern […]

Zhou Ming Ming (China)

  Zhou was among the educated urban youths who were mobilized to go to the countryside during Cultural Revolution. During that time, she and her friends had voluntarily organized evening schools for the peasants. In 1977, after resumption of university education, she successfully entered Southwest Normal University and had remained in the university as political […]