Laila Chiasmi Garcia (Spain)


Awards and Recognition

1. Moroccan event Creative People Invited conference organized by the Moroccan Association for training and work the theme of entrepreneurship The conference in Morocco October 18, 2015 at the Cultural Complex Sidi Belyout Casa Blanca
2. Decoration of Honor from The International Organization of Peace and Friendship with immigrants Fez Morocco in April 2015 4.3.-Invited conference during the Spanish Moroccan friendship week of
November 9 to 14, 2015 in Rabat, Morocco Tour Hassan Hotel organized by the international development organization Help the theme of the conference Integrating Foreign Researchers in Spain.
4. Conference Invited International Multidisciplinary Symposium  PhD students under the theme: Becoming a good scientist organized by Association PhD PS (the assed) At the Faculty of Polydisciplinary TETOUAN 26; AND 27 MARCH 2015 theme 28 of the Conference’s contribution to the development of Moroccan researchers In Africa
5. Conference in the NationalSchool of Commerce and Management – ENCG- Tangier “TANGIER TALKS ” under the theme “INNOVATION IN EDUCATION” April 25, 2014 organized The Club horizon – ENCG Tangier.
6. Conference :Women and the Science MOROCCAN WOMEN: REALSUCCESS STORIES in  National School of Commerce and Management –  ENCG- Kenitra -MoroccoMarch 28, 2014
7. Price   Trophy “ female talent Moroccans living abroad Day International Women’s March 8, 2014organized by the Minister of Moroccans living abroad and migration  Under the theme “Moroccan World multitalented” -only 5 females were rewarded Sofitel Jardin des Roses – Rabat

8. Letter of Congratulations from the M. Anis Birrou Minister of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs  at December 4, 2014

9. Letter of appreciation  from The National Association of Algerians Professors and Researchers  on March 2, 2014

10 . TEDConferenceNationalSchool of Commerce and Management –  ENCG-
Kenitra -Morocco  – 15 March 2014 ( starts at 1 h 42 min)


11. Classified among eight outstanding women of Morocco for the year 2013 / Morocco Finalist Awards Personality of the Year 2013 – 2014.


12. Award of Distinction by Yemeni Association For Scientific Culture January 2014


13. Price  Trophy “Exceptional Young Arab´´  representing Morocco in category Scientific Research – November 2013,the awards ceremony was held in Egypt  Sharm el-Sheij   from 4/12/2013 to 8 /12/2013


14. Committee Secretary inventors  of Arab majlis arabi that  forms part of Arab League States


15. Recognition Award volunteering and effort by the Moroccan citizenship and human rights ligua  on the Day of Women March 8, 2013.


16. Recognition Award volunteering, hard work and service to the Society for Foreign Researchers Association by the Spanish government- Delegation ´Granada 2012.