Chan Li Ching (China, Hong Kong SAR)

editor Kwong Peggy


She is the owner of a second-hand book store in Hong Kong. Her passion for reading has brought her to realise her dream, that is to open a book store. It is also her intention to encourage her young  son and other youngsters in HK to read instead of getting hooked on to video games and phones. The name of her book store means“Calmness”, which is a sense that reading can bring. She believes that by reading books, people can find answers to daily challenges and feel enlightened.

As time passes by, her book store has become a joyous gathering place within the neighbourhoods.

The book store is located at an old market that mostly has been forgotten as new markets sprout. Nevertheless, it attracts many people to visit the area and reminds them of its history.

She thinks that opening a book store isn’t a big deal, but it actually provides a place for people to read as well as to rest. It also shows that some housewives, like Phyllis, have the potential to do similar things. Significantly, the book store has contributed to restoring social networks within the community.

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