Bonnie Chiu (China, Hong Kong SAR)


Editor—Chong Hoi Kwo

Bonnie Chiu is the founder of Lensational, a campaign which helps women empower themselves through photography. Bonnie believes in universal language- a medium that everyone is able to communicate, even if they are have low education level. Therefore, Bonnie decided to use photograph to share her belief to others.

Gender inequality is especially obvious in underprivileged countries where women are often underrepresented and portrayed as the inferior group. In order to promote gender equality, Bonnie started to encourage women to document moments that they think are precious or they want to share with others. Through photography, women could voice out and share their deepest feelings. More than that, they could build up their sense of accomplishment.

Photography allows us to explore the world. Through photography, people living in developed countries are able to get insight into the realities of the women in less-developed countries. With this belief, Bonnie’s campaign would organize exhibitions from time to time, to provide a platform for people around the world to understand the situation of the women in third-world countries. Those photos are the must genuine, which tell the thoughts and feelings of the women. The smiles on the women’s faces are the best evidence of empowering women with photography.

Regarding Bonnie’s passion and contribution to gender equality, I would like to nominate her to be Wiki Peacewoman. Photography is indeed the best language. After all, a picture is worth a million words.

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