Or Ella (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Editor:Kwong  Peggy


Ella is the owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong. She believes that a good vegetarian restaurant can educate people about going green and caring for the environment. Initially, she opened the restaurant because of religious concerns, but as she was running it, she realized the importance of our relationship with animals as well as the environment. She would like the restaurant to become a place that can bring  awareness to people about the problems in society in the hope that such realisation can change them for the better. She believes that it is not difficult to change one’s eating habits if you can produce high quality dishes. She intends to shift popular biases against vegetarianism.

Furthermore, she is fully aware of the harm MSG and other artificial seasonings bring to our bodies and to the environment. She used to employ a chef, who did not follow her instructions. She then decided to become a chef and learn the whole thing by herself to assure food quality. More people are there to support her now.

Her restaurant has become a platform in promoting vegetarian and green lifestyles.

It is also a social space to connect with others in and around the community. Her contributions towards society and the environment should be highly appreciated.


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