Ying Zi (China)


Yin had harbored the vision and mission of returning to the countryside and as such had worked hard studying the three-dimensional agro issues. Her belief was that in rebuilding the ruinous countryside, the first priority was to enlighten the peasants and garner their talents, while the second was to raise funds and supplies for production and processing. When she and her husband eventually started down this path, they had numerous setbacks partly due to the need to adapt to the lack of modern facilities in the village, and partly due to natural disasters. With their best effort they still suffered substantial losses. Yet they had persisted. Now, with more than a decade’s dedication, she has settled in. She has organized cultural programs for the community such as summer school and succeeded. Her notion of “healthy, sustainable green production and green consumption” is being successfully publicized in her county as well as the city. Her vision of the New Rural in which material and spiritual civilization advancing hand in hand is entirely possible.


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