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In 2005, the initiative 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize nominated women working for peace at the local, national or international level collectively for the Nobel Prize. The women’s profiles show that they are active in an extremely wide range of fields: they campaign for political rights, the promotion of peace, health, education, the environment, children’s rights and non-violence, and they fight against organized crime and human trafficking. Here are the profiles of 1000 PeaceWomen.

Anna Politkovskaya (Russian Federation)

————————– Update: Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated on October 7, 2006, in her apartment block in Moscow. Before Politkovskaya was laid to rest, more than 1,000 people filed past her coffin to pay their last respects. ————————–  “People ask me: ‘Why do you write about this war?’ The reason is quite simple: we are contemporaries of […]


Medea Benjamin (United States of America)

“We who oppose war, and who now represent the majority of Americans, must force our representatives to represent us.” ————————————— Update: Up to 2009, Benjamin engaged in numerous protests involving U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; U.S. President George W. Bush; U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, among others. […]

Mary Soledad Perpiñan (Philippines)

————————————————- Update: Sister Mary Soledad Perpinan   Sr. M. Soledad Perpiñan passed away on 26 July 2011. ————————————————- “My body is complaining of the hardness of my arthritic knee. Maybe it is my body that absorbed all the pain and brokenness. But my spirit mercifully did not. One does what one believes is […]

Kathy Galloway (United Kingdom)

————————————— Reverend Dr Kathy Galloway- update for PeaceWomen across the Globe, January 2016   Kathy Galloway was leader of the Iona Community until 2009 when, after seven years’ service, she left to become Head of Christian Aid Scotland. The main focus of her work since then has been humanitarian in nature, both in emergency and […]

Diana Francis (United Kingdom)

  Update 18 December 2015 (agreed with her) „I am a radical peacenik and peace professional.“ The ten years since 2005 have been full and demanding ones for Diana Francis ( ). In addition to writing two more books, as well as several articles for the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support (CCTS), she has been […]

D photo by  Simon Boedecker, Stuttgart 2015

Patricia Gaffney (United Kingdom)

Patricia Gaffney (United Kingdom)

  ———————————– Update Patricia Gaffney, February 2016 Key to Pat Gaffney’s work over the last ten years has been addressing the rolling „war on terror“ and its implications for the world we are living in. She has been doing this through the global and national civil society peace groups that make up Pax Christi.  This […]

Barbro Sundback (Finland)

———————————————— 1000PeaceWomen update: Barbro Sundback, 21 January 2016 Barbro Sundback continues in her role of Chair of the Board of the Åland Islands Peace Institute, the hugely successful organisation that she helped found in 1992. She is proud of the way the Peace Institute has developed and feels the time will be right for her […]


Eve Bazaiba Masudi (Dem. Republic of the Congo)

————————————- Update: Honorable Senator Eve Bazaiba Masudi is a Member of Parliament, Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee, Democratic Republic of Congo, She is Secretary General of the MLC (Mouvement de Libération du Congo).  She was also Honorary Senator and President of the Social and Cultural Senate Committee, from 2007 to 2012. She is President […]

Meihua Jin (China)

—————————————— 10 years later: On 25th August 2015, we visited Jin Meihua and interviewed her. In the interview, in her son’s flat located in Wuzhong, Ningxia, Jin Meihua talked about her 10 year life of teaching Chinese Muslim women and how important education is to Chinese Muslim Women. Here is the full video of the interview: […]


Xinlan Ma (China)

“ ——————————————————– 10 years later: On 25th August 2015, in the office of Weizhou Ethnic Kindergarten, Weizhou, Tongxin County, Ningxia, Ma Xinlan talked to Lau Kin Chi about her long experience of being a teacher in the Chinese Muslim community and a problematic traditional perception of the role of a girl in Chinese Muslim families. […]