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Ye Fuyi(China)

  Ye was one of the founders of Xiangyang Environment Protection Association. Their mission is the protection of Han River and the development of a green Xiangyang City. She is a full time volunteer, regarding the Association as home. Their work involves going to villages to investigate the pollution situations, liaising with relevant departments and […]

Shi Xuhua (China)

  Shi was an engineer in environment protection for An Neng Electric Company in Xiangyang City. She now heads the Research Section of Xiangyang Environment Protection Association (alias Green River Han), as a full time environmental protection volunteer. Her mission is the protection of Han River.  

AN Dongqi (China)

Editor CAI Liang Ann is one of my best friends at Lingnan University. She always looks for volunteer opportunities and so she has many volunteer experiences. Here, I am going to share one of her experiences of volunteering in the USA last summer. There are mainly two reasons causing Ann to participate in the voluntary […]

Lee Oi yee (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Siuyu (Lee Oi yee), the principle of TC Gaia School   Siuyu has been the principle of TC Gaia School since 2014. The school is located in San Hui, Tuen Mun, close to Tuen Mun Town Plaza. She teaches Art and Chinese, loves reading, cooking and hiking. She graduated from Social Work Department and is […]


Laila Chiasmi Garcia (Spain)

Awards and Recognition 1. Moroccan event Creative People Invited conference organized by the Moroccan Association for training and work the theme of entrepreneurship The conference in Morocco October 18, 2015 at the Cultural Complex Sidi Belyout Casa Blanca 2. Decoration of Honor from The International Organization of Peace and Friendship with immigrants Fez Morocco in […]

Shara Ng (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor—Law Ling She has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years. Despite having a full-time job as an office worker, she is devoted to promoting plant-based diet. She is the chairman of Hong Kong Vegan Association and the representative for Hong Kong IV, Asia Pacific Vegetarian Union. The development of Hong Kong Vegan […]


Kathy Galloway (United Kingdom)

————————————— Reverend Dr Kathy Galloway- update for PeaceWomen across the Globe, January 2016   Kathy Galloway was leader of the Iona Community until 2009 when, after seven years’ service, she left to become Head of Christian Aid Scotland. The main focus of her work since then has been humanitarian in nature, both in emergency and […]