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Dora Cheng Shuk Ching (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Editor—Lau Pui Lam Dora Cheng Shuk Ching is a social worker and also one of the founders of Ground Works, a social enterprise under St. James’ Settlement in Wan Chai selling organic food and green household items. It works with farmers in Hong Kong and China in direct procurement to provide fresh organic vegetables and […]

Channing Lee (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Editor— Law Ling Channing Lee is the founder of Message In A Dish. She has a background in Applied Art and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Cultural Studies. She worked in the media industry and used to communicate with readers in written words and images. Now she chooses to express and […]



Kripa Sigdel (Nepal)

She always use to say ‘No matter how you fall, how you pick yourself back that counts the most’ and thisis one of the thing I am so impressed about and what makes me feel that this women i  know is going to do wonders in the world for good. She is vary caring, very […]

Eve Bazaiba Masudi (Dem. Republic of the Congo)

————————————- Update: Honorable Senator Eve Bazaiba Masudi is a Member of Parliament, Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee, Democratic Republic of Congo, She is Secretary General of the MLC (Mouvement de Libération du Congo).  She was also Honorary Senator and President of the Social and Cultural Senate Committee, from 2007 to 2012. She is President […]

Fatima Bhutto (Pakistan)

  Fatima Bhutto borders on empathy Written by Mark Reynolds Originally published on Bookanista Fatima Bhutto’s mesmerising and impassioned debut novel The Shadow of the Crescent Moon focuses on the impossible but urgent choices facing five young people living in the tribal areas on the Pakistan border with Afghanistan, where communities are under constant threat […]

Norma Pedroso Limoso (Philippines)

  Norma Pedroso Limoso (b.1942, Iloilo, Philippines)   Everybody calls her Mama Norma, because that is what she is—a mother.  She is a mother to nine biological children and a foster mother to countless others.  She was born in a family with nine siblings, from a barangay leader father and a school teacher mother. Mama […]



Cate Browning (United States of America)

  Originally published on The Documentary Group Photo by The Documentary Group Production Assistant of Girl Rising Cate Browning grew up in Kailua, a tiny beach town located on the beautiful island of Oahu. Like many who grew up in Hawai’i, Cate rode dolphins, surfed to school, and loves SPAM. She moved to the “mainland” […]