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the International Women’s network Against Militarism

Stop Threats of War and Militarization: Women from Guam, US, and Asia-Pacific Region Call for Peace and Diplomacy We call on President Trump and Kim Jong-Un to ratchet down their reckless and dangerous rhetoric that threatens all of humanity. We urge you to sit down and talk, for all our families, our children, and the […]

Leila de Lima (Philippines)

  Leila de Lima is a Senator in the Philippine government. In August 2016, as chair of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, she initiated an inquiry into the spate of ‘extrajudicial’ killings that has taken place since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office at the end of June (more than 3,400 alleged drug […]


Julie Richardson (United Kingdom)

  Julie Ricahardson is Head of Economics at Schumacher College and is Co-Director of the AMA in Economics for Transition. She is also leading the department of the Schumacher Worldwide Programme to develop international collaboration and on-line learning opportunities. Julie was one of the founding Trustees of the international Transition Network which supports participative process […]



Francine Mestrum( Belgium)

    Francine Mestrum is a researcher and activist working on social development, poverty and inequalities, globalisation and European policies. She worked at the universities of Brussels (ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium) and at the institutions of the European Union. She has published several books on her research topics in […]

Lau Siu Lai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

  Lau Siu Lai is one of the founders of ‘Democracy Siu Lai’. She held lots of talks during the umbrella movement; meanwhile she is the lecturer in Hong Kong Community College in Sociology and Culture.   At the beginning of the umbrella movement, she hoped that she could support Hong Kong citizens through action […]


Ariel Salleh (Australia)

  Ariel Salleh is a sociologist in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney (Australia). Formerly Associate Professor in Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney, she has lectured in New York, Manila, Toronto and, most recently, was a Visiting Professor at Lund University (Sweden).   Ariel Salleh has published Ecofeminism as Politics (London/New York: Zed Books, […]

Winnie Byanyima (Uganda)

Famine Leader in Uganda – Winnie Byanyima   Whenever people talk about Africa, you may think of poverty, undeveloped, corruption, war, undemocratic. Although Uganda (of course is still under Yoweri Museveni’s ruling) has the above problems, its gender equality is out-standing among other African countries, and it is because of Winnie Byanyima.   Winnie was […]

Lau Siu Lai (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Siu Lai Freedom Academy   There are a lot of problems in Hong Kong, government disregards citizens’ livelihood, teenagers who pursuit of ideals will be regard as ‘rubbish’ as they hinder others to earn money (there are discourses that the Occupation Movement destroyed Hong Kong’s economy). As a teacher in tertiary institutions, Lau Siu Lai […]