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Netsanet Mengistu (Ethiopia)

“We have to be able to gain the trust and respect of those in power and the people around us, without compromising our fundamental principles and values.” Netsanet Mengistu has a BA in Management and Administration. She is the founder of Progynist, an Ethiopian women’s empowerment NGO, and Meklit, a pioneering local microcredit bank. Netsanet […]


Meaza Ashenafi (Ethiopia)

“My goal is to eradicate all forms of discrimination against women and to ensure equal opportunities for women in education, employment and public spheres.” Meaza Ashenafi, born in 1965, was a high court judge in Ethiopia between 1989 and 1992. In 1993 she became a legal advisor to the Ethiopian Constitution Commission. In 1995, she […]

Bogaletch Gebre (Ethiopia)

“My dream came true. I have managed to set up a social project that incorporates essential community services, such as a school, a library, a community resources center and a health advice center.” Bogaletch Gebre was the first woman from her village to receive higher education. In 1975 she set off to the United States […]