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Suliana Siwatibau (Fiji)

“My faith is my support. I believe in the goodness of people and of the universe: if we want to achieve peace and harmonious relations, we have no choice but to be good to each other.” Fiji biologist Suliana Siwatibau (63) works for peace and ecological justice. Her training in genetics helped in the struggle […]



Jane Keith-Reid (Fiji)

“We have a small window of opportunity to reverse HIV infection and save the lives of our Pacific people. If we can trust each other, work together in true partnership, we still have a chance.” Jane Keith-Reid (60) founded the AIDS Task Force of Fiji in 1993. She pioneered a peer education program to reach […]

Amelia Rokotuivuna (Fiji)

“My darkest moment was the May 1987 military coup. I was angry that a contract was broken. It dawned on me for the first time that a major challenge for Fiji people was to understand human rights.” Amelia Rokotuivuna has been a feminist activist for peace and justice all her life. As head of the […]



Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls (Fiji)

“The main objective of femLINKpacific is to bring the stories of our women and their communities to the forefront, to help promote peace and reconciliation in multi-ethnic Fiji.” Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls (38) gained national prominence in Fiji by organizing, through the National Council of Women, a daily prayer vigil when government leaders were held hostage for […]