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Cristina Tézenas du Montcel (France)

“When you are confronted with true suffering, you have the opportunity to share the best of everyone.” Born in 1943, Cristina Tézenas du Montcel studied Russian at the Ecole des Langues Orientales in Paris and comparative European law in Brussels. Since 1968, she pursued a career in politics in the Cultural Department of the French […]



Annie Sasco (France)

“Try to be stubborn and keep on working, not be too discouraged when people say no. Trust that you can achieve something.” Dr. Annie Sasco (born 1951) is a French medical doctor and renowned epidemiologist. Public Health was a vocation she chose in childhood. After medical school and public health training (two Masters degrees and […]

Solange Fernex (France)

“A falling tree makes a lot of noise. But one cannot hear a forest germinate.” Solange Fernex has been campaigning for the preservation of the environment, against nuclear power, and for equal rights for women for 40 years. Her activities as a member of the Green Party and of the European Parliament (1989–1994), of her […]



Zarina Khan (France)

“The world has to give birth to its soul. Perhaps through theater. . . . Theater and cinema are a way to reach thousands, maybe even millions of people.” Zarina Khan (born 1954), philosopher, poet, actor, theater and movie director is a true world citizen. In 1993, as war raged in Sarajevo, Zarina set up […]