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Chiara Lubich (Italy)

“To learn from one another, to share the fruits of talents and gifts, as individuals and as peoples, brings about reciprocal enrichment. It is the way that will bring us to unity in the plurality.” Chiara Lubich’s work for peace started during World War II. In Trent, in an air-raid shelter, she read Jesus’ last […]


Marilee Karl (Italy)

“Across the world women are joining hands in solidarity and support, in a global women’s movement, sharing knowledge and experience and empowering themselves to build a peaceful and fairer world.” Marilee Karl (born 1941) has devoted her life to the causes of social justice, civil and human rights, equitable development and women’s empowerment. She co-founded […]

Paola Battagliola (Italy)

“The East Timorese have to start from zero. They have to build their freedom into reality. They must take it one step at a time. Within time, progress will come about.” Sister Paola Battagliola (born 1952) is a dedicated missionary from Italy. She moved to East Timor in 1988 and set up two orphanages and […]


Letizia Battaglia (Italy)

“My land free from the Mafia: this is my dream, this is my struggle.” Letizia Battaglia, Sicilian, born in 1935, is a photographer. With her camera she captures Sicilian life: the cruel violence of the Cosa Nostra and the deep pain of Mafia victims. With her photographs, she breaks the “omertà”, the silence that surrounds […]

Luisa Morgantini (Italy)

“Dialogue is the only way to end war and terror. We need practical solidarity with those who are weaker and diplomacy from below.” Luisa Morgantini is a member of the European Parliament. The leftist politician from northern Italy supports people in areas of tension. She makes every effort to see that conflicts are resolved through […]