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Maïmouna Coulibaly Camara (Mali)

 “My work benefits the country, girls, women, the families and all of humanity.” This grand lady with her engaging style has had a brilliant teaching career in which the main concern always was to contribute to the preparation of younger generations to confront life better. Maïmouna Coulibaly Camara was the first general director of the […]



Henriette Carvalho Kouyate (Mali)

 “Seeing a pregnant woman’s luminous smile, hearing the happy cries of children in the playground: that is what drives me.” Madam Henriette Carvalho Kouyate was born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1931. She has spent most of her professional career in the area of health, raising awareness on the problems of female genital mutilation. In 1975, […]

Tahanouma Walet Abeb (Mali)

“I fight to keep the rainbow over Mali, my beautiful, multi-ethnic homeland, and all the while I continue to help these children who one day will be called upon to build our country.” Born in 1939 in Kidal, this magnificent grandmother served her country well in the Touareg rebellion in the north of Mali between […]

Aminata Touré Barry (Mali)

“I fight for a better and more just world; a world where fairness is the rule of law; a world where economic power does not work to the detriment of the weak.” Aminata Touré Barry was born in 1955. She is from Goundam, a region of Timbuktu, Mali. She is the president of the Malian […]



Fatimata Touré (Mali)

 “I will retire the day when no one fears for their safety.” Fatimata Touré was born in Gao (the sixth administrative region of Mali) in 1956. She is the leader of the Association of Women for Peace and Development in Northern Mali, an organization that works particularly in the regions of Gao, Tombouctou, and Kidal. […]

Mama Koite Doumbia (Mali)

 “Sustainable peace cannot be established without the participation of women and girls.” Mama Koité Doumbia, born in Thiès, Senegal, in 1950, holds a higher diploma in youth training. She is particularly well-known for her long support of union causes and her determination to find ways to re-inforce the capacities of national women’s NGOs in the […]



Fatoumata Diakite (Mali)

 “One cannot add one’s name to the honor list by wishing alone. There is room only for those who have earned their place through hard work.” Fatoumata Diakite (50) was born in Bamako and has fought for the Malian women’s movement for many years. She denounces female genital mutilation in Mali and is a defender […]

N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré (Mali)

 “I work to improve the lives of the poor by getting families to generate their own economic activities.” N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré was born in the town of Toba (area of Bougouni) in 1943. She is the incarnation of a priest woman that concentrates all her energy towards serving her community without any reward. She is […]


Cissouma Korotoumou Traore (Mali)

“I have learned that we will only attain a good quality of life when health becomes a given, and when women in my country become aware of the role they can play in political decision-making.” Cissouma Korotoumou Traore (63) presides over the Association of Solidarity of Minianka Women (an ethnic group of Sikasso), an organization […]