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Zaida Cabral (Mozambique)

“I believe in education. If people have access to education, they can make a difference in their lives.” Zaida Cabral, born in 1951 in Maputo (Mozambique), is an educationalist. She is currently an education advisor for the Danish NGO Danida in the Mozambiquan capital Maputo. She has a master’s degree in education and has served […]



Paulina Chiziane (Mozambique)

 “When working with the Red Cross I finally understood that pen and paper are my arms for fighting.” Paulina Chiziane, born in 1955, grew up in Maputo, where she attended school. After publishing a number of stories in the Mozambican press, she wrote “Balada de Amor ao Vento” in 1989 and in 1996 “Ventos do […]