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Savitri MacCuish (Netherlands)

  ———————————————- Update Savitri MacCuish 24 February 2016-02-25   World Peace Flame has gone from strength to strength over the last ten years, under the leadership of Savitri MacCuish. Her particular success has been the enthusiasm with which the World Peace Flame educational packs have been taken up by schools all around the world. This […]


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Rebecca Gomperts (Netherlands)

—————————– After 10 years: Rebecca Gomperts studied medicine and visual arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After her studies she became an abortion provider and sailed as a ships doctor and environmental activist on board the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior. While sailing in South America she met many women who greatly suffered due to lack of […]


Shelley J. Anderson (Netherlands)

 “By training women and helping women develop the skills they need in active nonviolence, they will be better equipped to work in their own communities for peace.” At the heart of the Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) and Shelley Anderson’s approach is dialogue and listening. “We actively ask the women we work with ‘What do you […]

Adrienne van Melle-Hermans (Netherlands)

 “Born in a wealthy part of our planet, I feel an obligation to dedicate myself to work for a more just society, globally and in my community. This is one way to bring durable peace a little nearer.” Adrienne van Melle-Hermans has been tirelessly battling the polarization of her native country for many years. She […]