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Hadizatou Issa Iyayi (Niger)

 “A widow is not needy just because she holds a special place in society. She also has her part to play in her country’s economic development.” Born in Diffa in 1957, Hadizatou Issa Iyayi is known in her country for her courage and her consistency in fighting against injustice and the relegation of women to […]

Souna Hadizatou Diallo (Niger)

 “It is imperative that we educate children, and girls in particular, if we want to achieve economic progress in our country.” Souna Hadizatou Diallo (60) was born in Maïné Soroa, lives in Niamey and is the prototype of women’s group members. Her area of work is violence against women and the well-being of women. Souna […]